The late 1800s, and while electricity brings light to London night, some people still live in the darkness. Among them, Clay. Recently escaped from prison, he’s a man with only one eye, a troubled past…

…and a treasure map.

Nugget – Clay’s younger brother. Small and mousey -­‐ with a love of adventure novels developed while hiding from the other children at the orphanage. Nugget has always been one of the downtrodden.

Scared of confrontation, scared of the dark, Nugget scurries through the shadowy hallways of Penniman’s law firm, lamp held high, peering into the darkness as he searches for important papers…

What he finds instead, is Clay.

Dragged into a treasure hunt against his will, Nugget finds himself trudging across an island wilderness. Terrified of Clay – the brother he hasn’t seen in more than a decade – he deciphers the treasure map and does his best not to get a clip ‘round the ear.

Clay is a troubled man – he has the devil on his back, so close he can feel his breath.

Together, the brothers march through the wilderness – eventually coming to the resting place of the treasure. Nugget is elated, filled with dreams of a better life…

…But they’re shortlived. Because Nugget and Clay aren’t the only ones in the island – and Clay’s past has finally caught up with him…

In the distance – The Figure… The man who took Clay’s eye, and now wants his life.

Clay and Nugget, weighed down by their loot, race through the wilderness. Nugget is weak and slow – he grits his teeth and moves as fast as he can, but at every step, they’re matched by The Figure.

No matter how fast they go, how long they run – in the distance, The Figure marches on.

Burdened by the treasure and their past, Clay and Nugget race through fears, betrayal and guilt – and eventually understand that the only way they’ll survive is together, as brothers.

As the film reaches its climax, Clay lies injured on a cliffledge – sea-spray whipping against the rocks, all hope lost. To save his brother, Nugget must confront his fears and weaknesses, head into the darkness and challenge The Figure face-to-face.